Glenns Moving And Storage - I would not recommend Glenns Moving

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Had a horrible experience with Glenn's.Do not use them.

Guys were nice enough but not professional movers by any strech. They damaged wood work moving stuff out, furniture that was deliveried previously without a problem, they could not get it out without forcing through doorway. Once they had their cash they were trying to get out the door without finishing. I had been told they would re-assemble beds, put mirros back on dresseres, etc.

I had to force them to stay and do a couple of beds. They got dirt on our memory foam mattress becasue they dragged it across truck with no protection under it.

I called when they left and spoke to Glen but he made no offer to make it up to me.They will quote you a low price to get your business then do a rushed, unprofessional job.

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Glenns Moving And Storage - Glenn's Moving and Storage

Norfolk, Massachusetts 0 comments
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See the full story and photos of the move at use these thieves.

They will ruin everything. They ruined so much furniture. Charged an outrageous amount of money and needed cash before opening the truck. Did not finish the job.

Jumped in their car and tried to sneak away before finishing. Left pieces of furniture in random rooms. They didn't do one thing they said. Charming bunch of liars the whole "family!!!".

Run run run as fast as you can if you ever hear the name Glenn Wright!!They are all WRONG!

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Glenns Moving And Storage - Delivered furniture wet and with stains having used a leaking truck

Woods Hole, Massachusetts 0 comments
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Glenn's Moving and Storage moved our furniture to a storage unit.When it was delivered from storage to our home it arrived in a truck that had a leak.

It had rained hard the nite before and all of our upholstered furniture was wet and had rust stains. They had used upholstered furniture pillows uncovered to pad the furniture instead of shrink wrapping the furniture. Our wine refrigoratior door was broken. Despite doing several thousand dollars of damage directly related to the move they refused to acknowledge responsibility.

Mulitple communications with them were ineffective in getting satisfaction.I strongly reccomend that no one use them for a move or storage.

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